Bikini History – Spain

November 28, 2006

In the 50’s spanish dictator General Franco had prohibited the bikini on Spanish beaches (among many other things, including disagreeing with him). But in our many, many, many Bikini readings we found a piece in the Spanish Newspaper “El País” about the man who dared to go against the general.

Pedro Zaragosa was maire of little beach village Benidorm and he saw year after year the modern Swedish girls come to Spain with their little bikinis. It war evident that if Benidorm wanted to attract those tourists it should allow them to wear a Bikini. With that in mind, Pedro created a local law that allowed the use of Bikinis in Benidorm.

We would guess that the first one to go after Pedro would be Franco, but Pedro’s biggest problems were with the church. So big he took his little Vespa and drove all the way to Madrid to knock on Franco’s door, whom actually let him in.

Pedro managed to have Franco’s silent consent and Bernidorm became at that time Spain’s Bikini Vacation Resort.

Read the whole piece in Spanish.


The Swedish came first: Beatriz Ledesma, the first Spanish girl to wear a bikini in Benidorm.


In how many languages/versions have you heard Itsy-Bitsy Teenie Weenie Polka dot Bikini?

November 20, 2006

Hey guys!
So in this crazy crazy week I went on a the quest for all existing versions of the polka dot bikini classic.
So far I have found:
The classic english version sung by Brian Hyland (the original), Bobbie Winton, Shananana and Frankie Avalon
Happy german version (Teenie Weenie Honolulu Strand Bikini) sung by the Blue Diamonds
Classic french Dalida’s version
Dance music Bombarina’s version
Rock’n Roll by Band Zonder Banaan
and the best Peety Booka’s amazing hawaian Bikini Tune

Do you know more versions?
(answers on the comments, all right?)

Bikini Bye

Pakistanese Miss Bikini Mariyah Moten in Video

November 7, 2006

Our first interview is already available on line!! Check it here!!

This last two weeks were just madness! We are editing Bikini’s Revolution pilot to show at a major international documentary film festival. Imagine tracking down people from all around the world using only e-mail and phone! But we did it; we bothered journalists from just about every newspaper in just about any language and even consulted the listed phones from Benidorm, Spain, on the web. There was even the fantastic Turkish girl we manage to reach but couldn’t talk to, because we didn’t speak any language in common. So all we could say was eeeee-maaail, eee-maiil. And hope that google (gotta love google) would be able to do the translation of her e-mails for us.

Well after all this hard work we manage to arrange 4 inter-continental interviews. The first one is already available on You Tube. So go check it out, and don’t forget to record and post you bikini story too!!

Mariyah at Miss Bikini World 2006